Interior design for bedroom

Bedroom decor is something that deserves attention since your bedroom is perhaps the most sacred territory in your home. In the bedroom you take a break from the outside world; it is a space of comfort, warmth, and intimacy, a place worthy of special decorative attention.

Interior design for bedroom experts and stylists of Seetu Kohli Home advise choosing low-contrast color combinations for the bedroom (contrasting colors do not allow the brain to relax), and, if possible, rid this space as much as possible of objects that are not related to the purpose of the room (for example, a TV).

Bedroom Decor

Before You Begin This Exercise, You Need To Do Two Things:

clear the space - rid the room of excess items (if you are unable to do this, then think about how this excess can be disguised - for example, remove the rack from the wall to fill the space with air, and put the items from the rack in boxes and put them under the bed);

edit the color scheme of the room (your bedroom already has a color scheme, which contains main elements (walls, furniture) and secondary elements (bedspreads, curtains, pillows, decorative objects) - your task is to choose 2 primary colors, add 1-2 accent colors to them, and at the same time ruthlessly get rid of the remaining color information (objects of other colors).

Change curtains

Curtains can instantly change the entire feel of a room, and changing the curtains can make the entire room cozier, stylish, formal, etc., bedroom decor is impossible without this element.

Colorful curtains by Seetu Kohli Home draw attention to the window, while plain, calm curtains make the room more harmonious. To make the room more calm, it is better to choose curtains in the color scheme of the walls or furniture (a few shades darker to protect sleep from morning light).

Changing The Bedspread: Contrast Of Textures

Since the bed is the central element of the room, the bedspread on it is also an optical focus area. To make a bedroom look more cohesive, the bedspread should be combined with the chosen curtains, and it is better to think about this combination in advance, at the stage when you are just thinking about the decor of the bedroom.

You can choose a printed throw in the same color scheme to add visual texture to Bedroom transformation ideas, or you can opt for contrasting textures while staying monochromatic—like adding a faux fur stole, this fall's top decorating hit.

Adding Contrast of Shapes: Pillows

There are two approaches to bed decor - some people like to fill the entire space with pillows, while others prefer “pillow minimalism.” However, even lovers of simple combinations and the Best interior design are unlikely to argue with the fact that lying in bed with pillows is much more comfortable than without them.

In addition to night pillows, which are best chosen based on your needs (soft, firm, orthopedic), you can choose several decorative ones from Seetu Kohli Home that will add texture to the room through the play of shapes and volumes.

Adding Coziness: Working With Lower Light

If you don’t yet have a lamp or lamp with diffused light, then you will be surprised at how such a light source will instantly change the entire balance of power. If you have a lamp, then it is suggested you add candles - with soothing scents or regular decorative ones.

Live fire relaxes, relieves stress, and creates a feeling of comfort. Light this candle for 10-15 minutes before bed while you chat with your husband or read - this little Dream bedroom makeover detail can change your entire evening routine, making it much cozier.

Adding Harmony: Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are the best relaxant that exists in nature. Fresh flowers instantly make the room fresher, and feminine, and add a feeling of lightness. 

Don't neglect this Stylish bedroom design detail by Seetu Kohli Home experts, especially since there are many ways to extend the life of cut flowers - allow yourself a little beauty in the most sacred place of your home.

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