10 Tips for Exploring Office Interior Design

Office interior design in the 21st century solves not only ergonomic problems, as it did a couple of decades ago. A well-thought-out office appearance shows clients the concept of the entire company. The interior must sell the product before the potential buyer sees it. A cozy and beautiful office makes job seekers want to work in this company, which means that the design solves the issue of hiring employees.

Tips for Exploring Office Interiors

  • Layout: definition of zones

When developing an office plan, the designer takes into account the interests of the company's managers, all employees, and clients whose reception will take place in this building. You need to maintain the general style, but remember the tasks that each zone solves.

  • Reception

The reception area introduces clients, partners who come for negotiations, and potential employees to the company. In this zone, everyone who is unfamiliar with the company makes a first impression. The reception interior done by Seetu Kohli Home reflects the corporate style. A desk is installed for the administrator, convenient for the employees and guests. 

  • Conference hall and meeting room

The meeting room differs from other office spaces in its simple Office interior design. A minimum of decor - all the attention of visitors should be directed to the issues under consideration. The conference room area is calculated based on the maximum number of participants for large meetings.

  • Chief's office

The Office interior Design made by Seetu Kohli Home highlights the head of the company, but it is important not to overdo it. It is unethical to place millions of leather sofas in the office and cover the floor with expensive carpets when all other rooms are furnished with chipboard furniture and designed in a minimalist style.

  • Restroom, Relaxation Area, Gym

Most often, company employees relax in the kitchen, where they can talk about personal matters over a cup of tea or lunch. Here, the interior design should provide storage areas and install household appliances. Coffee maker, microwave, Refrigerator, kettle - the bare minimum. Tables, sofas and armchairs are installed.

  • Workplace

All principles of interior for office ergonomics are involved in work areas: safety, functionality, aesthetics, and health care.

Most often, offices are planned according to the open space principle, but even with such placement, each employee has the right to a personal area, when no one disturbs anyone. Seats are separated by mobile partitions with sound insulation. 

  • Open space

Managers often favor open spaces for economic reasons. After all, according to the standards, each room must have its engineering systems installed.

It is not recommended by Seetu Kohli Home modern office design experts to leave the space completely without partitions. It is psychologically difficult for many people to work knowing that there is someone behind them. 

  • Cabinet type office

Spaces are provided for different divisions of the company. This type of layout has a beneficial effect on the performance of employees and creates more trusting relationships. Despite the division of the office space by walls, a single style is maintained in the design of all rooms by Seetu Kohli Home Designs.

  • Mixed layout

Large workspaces are combined with offices. But the rooms might not be disconnected by a solid wall. The border can be set using glass partitions.

  • Seating furniture

Working in a modern interior office means that a person spends more time at the computer and sits a lot. It is important not to skimp on high-quality models of office chairs. The chair should have superior support and be furnished with armrests and backrests. The base on five wheels ensures the mobility of the chair, which will allow you to change your body position throughout the day. The rollers themselves are ideally rubberized. These chairs move almost silently.


Experience-focused offices are a great tool for attracting young talent. The new generation comes to the office not only for a salary, it is important for them to receive comfort: drink a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy the style of their workplace.

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