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To get a luxury room, you only need to follow some basic guidelines that make your room a particular place and a bedroom that invites you to rest. The key is to get the formula right so that our bedroom transmits comfort. For this, the best interior designer for home behind them is a source of inspiration.

We, Seetu Kohli Home Decorators, give you the keys to a perfect interior with an elegant touch without needing significant changes. Some focus on the room's lighting, others on the choice of bed and headboard, or are more committed to combining colors and materials. Take note of all their advice, and you will be correct.


The example that attracts the most in bedroom decoration is the use of flowers and plants to make the room lively and fresh. Aside from the aesthetic function, houseplants serve other purposes: they can elevate mood and enhance creativity. They also reduce stress levels, increase productivity, provide peace of mind, maintain indoor humidity levels, produce oxygen, and naturally filter pollutants from the air.

Mirrors in Bedroom Decoration

It's an excellent interior decoration for home, expanding a small room and creating a sense of more excellent continuity. Mirrors are also perfect for increasing lighting in any environment where they are placed, starting a different perspective that catches everyone's attention. The symmetry of the wooden frame, two hanging lamps, and the nightstands on both sides of the bed are adorable.

Wooden slats

This versatile design element can be used in any room or any style. Typically, in bedroom decorating, our goal is to create an accent wall behind the bed. In this case, the three-dimensional pattern does its job perfectly. The slats make a bright contrast to the rest of the dark colors in the room.


What happens when the view from your bedroom window is unpleasant? For example, your window is placed less than 3 m from your neighbor, as is often the case in Panama, at a distance of 3 meters or less! You don't need to give up natural light because there is a solution Seetu Kohli Home provides you: curtains.

Hanging lamps

Pendant lamps are no longer just for the kitchen or dining room. With a pair of them on each side of the bed, you can give originality and elegance to your bedroom. You also leave more free space on your nightstands.

Worn textiles with sober patterns

Textures also deserve their share of prominence in the decoration style. You can choose textiles with straight patterns and a worn appearance, such as geometric figures. As it is a traditionally masculine style, plaid, tweed, and tartan can be great options.

Specifically, tweed is a fabric of British origin made with wool that is soft to the touch and elastic. Therefore, our interior design solutions convey a feeling of warmth and comfort. Tartan is a classic Scottish fabric, usually also made of wool, with patterns of straight lines, squares, and rectangles.

Neutral colors

When it comes to colors, we must be clear about our expectations because the decoration style will not provide us with something other than striking or cheerful tones. In this case, the color palette is an accessory to the decoration and avoids prominence in favor of the materials and structures of the rooms.

Therefore, neutral tones prevail, which we can take advantage of in their most intense versions: blacks, beiges, whites, and earth tones, which will fit perfectly in an environment dominated by metal, wood, and cement.

Old or recycled furniture and objects

Yes, your house with a decoration style will look old, but that will be precisely its appeal. Therefore, be bold and reuse furniture and objects that are second-hand or that look outdated because if they are in good condition, they will contribute to the image you want to achieve.

If you are a handy person, you can create your own furniture and decorative objects from old materials or even other furniture that is no longer used. This style invites Interior designers in Delhi to imagination and creativity so we can contribute, especially by giving it a personal touch.

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