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Typically, when decorating our home, we opt for a style very different from the environments we associate with work and the Furniture Design for Home. However, a peculiar option is currently in fashion that proposes giving our home an image that reminds us of large warehouses, factories, and warehouses. The stylish is a groundbreaking proposal we want to present today at Seetu Kohli Home.

What are the Characteristics That Define the Home Decoration Style?

After making a brief introduction to the style, we can now better specify what its distinctive characteristics are:

Very High Ceilings

If there is an adjective that fits perfectly with the style, it is "spacious". Having its origin in converting large warehouses and work warehouses into personal spaces, today we should expect very high ceilings in a house of this type.

For this reason, it is a style that fits incredibly well with loft-type homes because they are spacious enough to resemble old warehouses or buildings and to get the most out of them.

Absence of Walls and Partitions

The space flows in Stylish Home Decor because hardly any walls or partitions limit mobility. Instead, an open space is chosen where the kitchen, living room or living room merge. Thus, if we choose it, we can distribute furniture or use physical elements such as screens or rugs to define the areas clearly.

Prominence of Natural Lighting

There is only stylish decoration with large windows. Usually, these can occupy entire walls, so the sun will be the main protagonist during the day. At night, large luminaires will replace it: we Seetu Kohli Home are referring to good-sized hanging lamps for larger areas, distributed in groups of two or three and with metal finishes, as well as spotlight strips for the ceiling and wall sconces for those cases where we need focused light.

Beams, Ducts, Pipe Visible

Usually, we hide those essential elements of the structure of every home (such as beams, ducts, pipes, wiring...) behind walls or false ceilings. After all, they are not precisely aesthetic! But in decoration, what is sought is the most natural result possible because we want our house to look like a factory from the first half of the last century.

Therefore, let us not hide or conceal anything. There are ornamental options to decorate the beams or pipes, and we can even take advantage of these designs to install an extraction hood for the kitchen that blends perfectly with the environment.

Brick and Unstripped Walls

The stylistic nakedness is also visible on the walls and in the few partitions that the Luxury Home Furniture house may have. The walls are presented as is, with exposed brick; alternatively, you can use wallpaper, vinyl, etc., to create the same visual sensation.

In addition, unstripped metal surfaces, concrete or iron columns, and cement floors prevail. That is, everything related to the materials usually associated with the industry!

Stainless Steel

Iron and concrete used to prevail in the old warehouses. But let's remember that we are now looking for materials that can be adequately preserved and withstand different environmental temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a metal such as stainless steel for those more delicate areas of the house, such as the kitchen.

Wood, Also As Natural As Possible

The decoration style 'lives' not only in metal. Wood is also a fascinating material that gives a classic and old touch to our home, with the particularity that it is ideal for contrast with the coldness of metal.

That is why we can install wooden Furniture for Home (the simpler, the better), especially if it is unvarnished or stained. Here, what prevails is the simple and diaphanous. So, if we want to give our rooms a severe and traditional touch, we can use dark woods, while those in light tones will help us enhance luminosity and create a more modern environment.

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