The new collection by Seetu Kohli Home will be soon available: the first Indo-Italian ventures of its kind.

A wide range of the products of the collection will be made in Italy by the reputed Jumbo Group, a guarantee for quality with its design expertise and knowledge of the industry.

It displays beautiful pieces of furniture which are inspired by the art and architecture inherited by the modern world and fantasized through both classic and modern cinema. The themes are related to the Italian 50-60s, in order to evoke the “sfarzo” and “dolce vita” of that beautiful period, leveraging on the way the Italian brand is perceived in the international community. The subsequent collection will be inspired by an epic Indian cinematic experience and will target the huge high-level-spending target of Indian expats in the world.

The collection is the result of a meticulous production process: the attention to detail and craftsmanship, enhanced creativity, and always balancing tradition and innovation.

 The masterpieces will include a wide range of iconic pieces, enhanced by rare precious materials, exotic veneers and lustful traditional and modern polishing techniques.

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