Page is a rectangular dining table, whose look catches the eye thanks to the particular base structure. In fact, legs are made of different wood laths (each with section of 3 x 5 cm) placed with a distance of 3 cm in between them: this feature creates an alternance of full and empty spaces, giving this important structure a lighter appearance. Another important detail is the horizontal bar that connects the legs and runs below the top. The top has a thickness of 5 cm. Page is available in two versions. The first is in Brushed Honey Ashwood with top in Crisscross Natural Straw, whose striped design recalls the laths of the table; on this version, all laths of the same leg are connected at the base by a feet in Platinum Lacquer. The second is entirely in Brushed Brown Ashwood, featuring a top in solid wood. The material used for this second version is sustainable, since comes from the excess of solid wood not used for other furniture: no additional trees are cut to obtain the raw material.

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