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  • The Melrose range includes a set of two round coffee tables and a round dining table. The dining table features four legs and a base structure in metal. The curved legs are built directly into the metal profile of the top. The top is in wood and has a reduced thickness of only 2,2 cm, to highlight the concept of lightness. MADE IN ITALY.

  • The Melrose range includes a set of two round coffee tables – that can be bought separately – and a round dining table. The coffee tables feature three legs and a base structure in metal. The curved legs are built directly into the metal profile of the top. The top has a reduced thickness of only 2,2 cm, to highlight the concept of lightness. Available in two different sizes, the Melrose coffee tables can be placed one close to the other and partially overlap. MADE IN ITALY.

  • Nathan is a dining table inspired by the Matrix collection of consoles, recalled by the extra thin tops (1 cm – Inch 0.4) and the metal legs with triangular section. The use of special finishes enriches the clean, elegant lines of the table, almost recalling the sartorial precision of a made-to-measure suit. The outer side of the legs is in the same finish of the top.

  • NED

    Ned is a round table available in two sizes, for six or nine people. It features some distinctive details like the elliptical legs – in solid wood – close to the top edge and the horizontal bars jointing them. The top is divided into three sections featuring Tamo veneer. The horizontal bars, which grant more stability to the whole structure, become also a decorative element since they are entirely covered with leather (cuoio). MADE IN ITALY.

  • The distinctive feature of the Nelson range is the suspended rectangular top, which makes the whole structure look particularly light. Legs have a bridge shape with a rectangular section. Nelson is available in two different finishes: the first has a base structure in Antique Brown Oak and top/ legs in Antique Gold Leaf, while the second presents a luxurious Shiny Bronze Straw Marquetry top with an all-over pattern, matched with a matt Black Maple structure and methacrylate legs. Both versions are available with extensions (240 cm only).

  • New York is a round table, fixed or with external extensions of 75 or 90 cm, depending on the diameter. The monolithic look echoes the very roots of the Armani/Casa brand, taking inspiration from rigour and timeless aesthetics. MADE IN ITALY.

  • Oliver is a dining table with a top of 4 cm, marked by two Z-shaped legs in metal. The metal element is a unique piece, designing not only the legs but becoming also the profile for the ends of the top. The version in wood features a palm veneer thicker than average. The bottom side of the top of this version is made with toulipier wood.

  • Dining table with squared shape. Owen features a thin top with metal frame, lying on four legs with triangular section. Since the legs are aligned with the upper metal profile, the table shows “cut” corners where the legs reach the top. The version in oak does not feature any metal part. Owen is available also in rectangular shape MADE IN ITALY.

  • Page is a rectangular dining table, whose look catches the eye thanks to the particular base structure. In fact, legs are made of different wood laths (each with section of 3 x 5 cm) placed with a distance of 3 cm in between them: this feature creates an alternance of full and empty spaces, giving this important structure a lighter appearance. Another important detail is the horizontal bar that connects the legs and runs below the top. The top has a thickness of 5 cm. Page is available in two versions. The first is in Brushed Honey Ashwood with top in Crisscross Natural Straw, whose striped design recalls the laths of the table; on this version, all laths of the same leg are connected at the base by a feet in Platinum Lacquer. The second is entirely in Brushed Brown Ashwood, featuring a top in solid wood. The material used for this second version is sustainable, since comes from the excess of solid wood not used for other furniture: no additional trees are cut to obtain the raw material.

  • Pillar was born from the idea of combining a sleek design with a strong vintage accent. The inspiration for Pillar came from the so called «fratina» style, the typical dining tables used in monasteries during the Middle Age and conceived to increase conviviality. In our version, the distance from the legs to the edge of the top is 38 cm: in this way, people sitting close to the legs have all the space necessary to feel comfortable. The rigorous look of this classic shape has been modernized by the use of exclusive finishes that perfectly match the other iconic pieces by Armani/Casa. Pillar is presented in two versions, both with contrasting colors for what concerns top and the legs. The first one has a top in Striped Black Lacquer and legs in Shiny Beige Ashwood, while the second features a top in Brushed Black Ashwood and legs always in Shiny Beige Ashwood.

  • The new table Planet extends the range of round tables by Armani/Casa, inserting an option that features the X-shaped legs typical of our brand. The X shape immediately echoes other iconic ranges from our collection, like the Oreste small table and the Club cocktail cabinet. The structure – featuring legs and frame of the top in solid wood – is very light thanks not only to the slim legs, but also to a visual effect created by the top, that has a 4 cm thickness that reduces toward the edges. The Planet range also includes an accessory, the Lazy Susan (an optional rotating tray, to be bought separately) made in Grey Colombian Marble. MADE IN ITALY.

  • Clear

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