Indulge in Comfort: Luxury Bedroom Interior Design Trends

Subtlety is essential when designing a modern luxury bedroom. People mainly focus on the quality of the materials, favoring linens with a cozy feel and fittings carved from raw wood. Today's luxury is indeed far from the first degree and the escalation of shiny pieces which risk suffocating the room dedicated to rest. Going for a very refined atmosphere is also not recommended when you are looking to enhance the decor of the sleeping area: high-end hotels stand out thanks to their assertive style. Here are some Bedroom Interior Design Ideas below in detail.

How to make your bedroom more luxurious?

Quality bedding and linens

Nights spent at the hotel would surely not be as pleasant without a comfortable bed with generous dimensions. A successful bed also depends on the quality of the linen. Linen, cotton, silk, you do not skimp on the bedding which contributes as much to the aesthetics as to the comfort of the room.

Carefully tended flowers and scents

At the hotel, delicate touches from the staff can take the form of a bouquet of flowers left near the bed. A habit that is easy to adopt at home to upgrade the atmosphere of the sleeping area over the weeks. Installing a beautiful dried composition also allows the space to flourish in the long term. In the absence of fresh bouquets, it is good to work on the scent of the room with essential oils.

Well-designed light sources

Varying the lighting ambiances is another way to make your room more luxurious with Luxury Bedroom Interior Design Trends. To do this, simply multiply the lamps, pendants and other sconces in the four corners of the room. Far from being superficial, these lights allow you to modulate the brightness of the room throughout the day and activities.

Colors to die for

While soft colours are easier to master, they are far from unanimous in creating a luxurious atmosphere in a room. Deep tones such as midnight blue, forest green and even anthracite bring more character and this is certainly why they are increasingly found in luxury establishments. These enveloping shades promote rest in a room dedicated to this purpose.

Wallpaper that's worth it

High-end Seetu Kohli Home Bedroom Interior Designers have also been relying on wallpaper in recent years. Placed as an accent on a section of wall (generally the one where the bed is leaning against), the chosen covering catches the eye with a graphic print or a decor inspired by nature, Japan, and in this sense contributes to the soothing atmosphere from the room. A simple tip to apply at home to revisit the sleeping area.

Carpet, rugs and cushions form a winning trifecta

For a luxurious atmosphere at home, it is good to favor carpets and woven coverings, which are comfortable underfoot. Comfort is also reflected in cushions, affordable and simple accessories to introduce into an already established decoration since they are installed in the mountains on the bed.

Sober furniture with simple lines

To decorate a luxury bedroom, the furniture doesn't need to attract all the attention. The choice of sober furniture with simple lines is a success, because it allows you to highlight the decorative coverings and accessories. Luxury rooms avoid furniture saturation to enjoy wide, open spaces.

Mirror and headboard are a perfect pair

A high-end bedroom is often synonymous with space. If square meters are not at the rendezvous, it is possible to visually enlarge the room with mirrors. A bedroom inspired by the most beautiful establishments must adopt a structure in cane, in padded fabrics, in mirror, with generous dimensions. The theatrical side of the headboard allows one to get closer to the luxurious interiors of a hotel.

Last words

Decorating a room with Seetu Kohli Home Luxury Bedroom Interior Design, where functionality and aesthetics are successfully combined, is a complex job. Polished concrete in luxury rooms is the perfect combination to obtain extra quality on any support. With the exception of wood, it can be applied to ceramic, concrete, marble, cement, plaster, tile, stoneware or terrazzo surfaces.

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