modern bedside tables

Also called a nightstand, the bedside table is an essential piece of furniture for the bedroom. Small extra storage space, allows you to store books, lamps, clock radios, and even mobile phones, for the most tech-addicted. Seetu Kohli Home presents stylish bedside tables, blending functionality with elegance for varied bedroom aesthetics. These tables offer sophistication and practicality, ensuring a harmonious bedroom setting.

What are the different stylish bedside table models?

Before selecting a bedside table, it is worth knowing the variants offered by Seetu Kohli Home, to have an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

Classic bedside table: this model of bedside table is generally made of wood. With a drawer and possibly a shelf, this type of furniture is intended to be discreet and practical at the same time.

Contemporary bedside table: on its four legs, this modern bedside table is generally made of metal or glass. Its design is sober and original at the same time. For a cohesive modern interior design bedroom, consider complementary furniture pieces with clean lines and minimalist features. Such

Hanging bedside table: no more four legs, this bedside tables hangs on the wall like a shelf and logically has less storage than previous models. However, it offers a resolutely modern rendering.

Box bedside table: as its name suggests, it takes the form of a box (square or rectangular) placed directly on the floor, without legs. This block allows you to benefit from more storage space.

modern bedside tables
Which material to choose?

Bedside tables come in different materials and colors. You will certainly find what you need according to your desires and your interior design for a bedroom.

Wood: the safe bet

The most common bedside tables are made of wood. But this material alone exists in many forms to adapt to all styles of decoration. Whether you have a classic, contemporary, heritage style or are a fan of Scandinavian decor. Its versatility seamlessly fits various design preferences. However, when seeking a modern touch, explore sleek, minimalist designs of modern bedside tables in glass or metallic finishes. In modern interior design bedrooms, these innovative bedside tables redefine functionality and aesthetics.

Metal: another solution

Your bedside table can also be made of metal. This material is rather reserved for industrial or even urban-style decorations. Light and robust at the same time, a metal bedside tables can be combined with other furniture, in wood for example, for a successful industrial decor.

Glass: modernity above all

Glass is an ideal material for creating a resolutely modern and bright decoration in your room. However, you should keep in mind that this is a material prone to marks and therefore requires frequent cleaning.

Final Words

Seetu Kohli Home offers a diverse range of stylish bedside tables, catering to varied tastes and room aesthetics. With options in wood, metal, and glass, these tables blend functionality with elegance. However, for a touch of luxury, consider complementing these tables with opulent and lavish luxury beds, transforming your bedroom into a sumptuous haven of comfort and style.