best interior designers in India

Interior design is the design of spaces and objects of common use within a closed place, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a hospitality space, or a work environment. The interior designers for home pays particular attention to the practical and functional aspects of living in the home.

Before the introduction of these definitions, all this could be traced back to the art of decoration, which was distinguished from the art of architecture proper because it did not modify the load-bearing structures of the buildings but dealt with both the internal and external embellishments and the real furnishings.

What makes Seetu Kohli home for being one of the best interior designers in India?

The main characteristics that the best interior designers in India must possess are talent, competence, and professionalism; let's look at them in detail.


It all starts from this: either you have it, or you don't, simple. Without talent, 70% of all jobs would not exist. You have to be predisposed to do one thing rather than another. Like when you went to school, and the teachers said you were better at mathematics than history.

Well, this is how it works in the design field, too. You need to possess flair, creativity, talent, empathy, and all things that are either innate or not. You cannot hope to learn them from art history books; you can only hope to possess them and refine them more and more over time through experience.


Directly linked to talent is competence. This quality can also be acquired over the years through studies and training. However, it is clear that without a good dose of innate talent, competence absolutely cannot exist. It takes time and patience to acquire it and to guarantee it to your customers, and only together with talent and passion can it truly be complete.


Finally, the last quality to possess is professionalism- it is a characteristic that is acquired only with time and experience. It is precisely the latter that makes the difference in this profession. In fact, many colleagues improvise as interior designers with the sole purpose of selling furniture. The objective must never be purely to sell but to satisfy the needs and satisfy the dreams of customers. Professionalism alone, together with talent and competence, can make full customer satisfaction possible.

best interior designers in india

Interior Design at Seetu Kohli Home

Seetu Kohli Home creates quality furnishings that interpret the style and needs of each person. For the architects in delhi, customer focus, passion, and innovation are fundamental: all values ​​are the basis of their company philosophy.

Their greatest aspiration is to create environments and atmospheres that reflect the personality, habits, and spirit of those who will inhabit that space. For them, furnishing does not simply mean filling an empty space but giving space to the interiority of the individual, guaranteeing their daily well-being.

This is why their commitment is entirely centered on listening to and involving the customer. For them, it is essential to know the tastes and needs of their customers before proposing the most suitable solutions; all this makes them the interior designers in Delhi.