Luxury Sofa Sets

Luxury sofas offer lasting comfort and style using quality materials that are worth the money. They are also the focal point of the room and a place to show off your style. Properly selected luxury furniture not only creates a bright stylish touch in the interior, but also serves as a place for receiving guests, relaxing and sleeping. Modern manufacturers like Seetu Kohli Home offer a variety of models of Luxury Sofa Sets with a comfortable built-in bed. Want to add a stylish look to your home or your clients? Read below to get the details.

Tips for Choosing a Luxury Sofa

Exceptional Design

Choosing exceptionally designed Affordable Luxury Sofa Sets from Seetu Kohli Home can make your clients' homes more elegant and comfortable. A design that matches the style of the interior showcases a person's personality and makes a statement.

Modern Italian Sofas

With cleaner lines and metallic elements, modern Italian sofas have a simple look with attention to fine detail. The combination of professional craftsmanship and advanced technology has created an elegant, comfortable and durable sofa.

Excellent Workmanship

One of the hallmarks of a luxury sofa is its superior craftsmanship. Your sofas must have;

Durable Frame:

This factor determines the strength and durability of the furniture structure. Why? Because the frame supports the rest of the sofa.

Most luxury sofa frames are made from metal or solid wood, making them strong and durable. But when a sofa is made of low-quality frame materials, for example, plywood, its frame will begin to deteriorate in a short time.

Fantastic Upholstery:

Budget-friendly luxury sofas by Seetu Kohli Home stand out for their upholstery. Sofas with poor-quality upholstery quickly wear out and lose their elegant appearance.

Before choosing a luxury sofa with interior design, take a close look at its upholstery. If the stitch markings are inconsistent, it may indicate that the material is prone to tearing.

Sofa Fabric

The fabric of your sofa set can affect how it looks and feels. Some fabrics require more care than others, but if your clients want their sofa to last, choose a fabric that won't peel; and soft, durable fabric if they have children or pets.

Choose luxury sofas with the following fabrics


In general, full-grain and premium leather are the best in quality and durability. As long as they are clean and well maintained, they will look good for a long time.

The leather does not absorb liquids or stains, and the patina gives it a sophisticated look. Due to their durability, leather sofas, Affordable high-end couches are also suitable for families with children and pets.


Homeowners can add style and glamor to their homes with the help of velvet sofas. They are very soft and comfortable to sit on. Unlike leather ones, they require regular maintenance, which makes them unsuitable for families with pets.


Adding silk upholstery to a room adds depth and richness. Because of their fragility, silk fabric Luxury couches are best suited for formal spaces such as offices. Moreover, they must be professionally cleaned when they become dirty.

If you really save your time, use the services of the official Seetu Kohli Home store of the upholstered furniture factory. There you will find complete information about each product, you can contact specialists and clarify any details that interest you. By booking your favorite product online, you can personally evaluate its quality and presentation in a furniture showroom.

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